By Rich Serignese

Let’s talk about why you still have damaged concrete on your property. (1) It’s too expensive to tear out and re-pour concrete. (2) You can’t afford the loss of revenue resulting from downtime needed to replace concrete. (3) What difference is it really going to make? Is a cosmetic fix worth the trouble? Do any of these reasons sound familiar?

Good news: Advancements in engineered epoxy-mortar alternatives provide a solid counter-argument to all these claims.

Using epoxy-based solutions, damaged concrete can often be restored instead of replaced. When restoring, the sub-base stays intact (when applicable), and is repaired and resurfaced with an engineered epoxy-mortar. This overlay serves as a new top layer and is an alternative to pouring new concrete.

Compared to a standard concrete replacement, using an epoxy mortar as an overlay gives you a solution that’s less expensive, has a faster turnaround, is aesthetically pleasing, is more durable and is even warrantable.

Concrete Resurfacing BEFORE

Before concrete resurfacing

Here are 10 specific reasons why it might be time to change your thinking about concrete tear-out and replacement.

  1. First impressions

Walkways, curbs and entryways are the “shoes” to the “dress” of your building. Does your building’s exterior — the first part customers see before they enter — match the quality, design and attention to detail of its interior? Don’t discount the negative first impression your parking lot, curbing and walkways leave on a guest to your facility. Consciously or subconsciously, an undesirable appearance outside is going to shape consumers’ opinions of your business and your brand.

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