Rusted metal bands

Do your fuel islands look awesome? Or awful?

Do your fuel islands look awesome? Or awful? If you answered awful, you may want to continue reading. Fuel islands with jagged, rusty metal bands or crumbling, cracked concrete might be causing customers to visit your competitors.  Typical fuel island foundations are made of concrete and are encased with a metal band. Both look wonderful…

Deteriorated fuel island

Transform your fuel station’s curb appeal

Transform your fuel station’s curb appeal Watch how Simon Surfaces transformed these fuel islands from drab to fab in the video below. CONTACT US today to see how we can help transform your fuel islands! 3 Scary Outcomes of Damaged Fuel Islands Fuel Islands Restoration Fuel Island Process

GI Before

Spend Less, Pump More by Restoring, not Replacing Fuel Island Foundations

Crumbling, deteriorating concrete fuel islands are as much of an eyesore for customers as they are for store management. They don’t leave a good first impression and can be a safety hazard.

Many times, the reason for ignoring deteriorated fuel island foundations is perceived cost and disruption. The reality is that both can end up being be a welcome surprise when done properly. Particularly when you realize you don’t have to remove pumps or shut down operations to get the job completed.