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Transform your fuel station’s curb appeal

Transform your fuel station’s curb appeal Watch how Simon Surfaces transformed these fuel islands from drab to fab in the video below. CONTACT US today to see how we can help transform your fuel islands! 3 Scary Outcomes of Damaged Fuel Islands Fuel Islands Restoration Fuel Island Process

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Fuel Island Restoration Case Study

Case Study:Loaf ‘N Jug Fuel Island RestorationTHE SITUATION Loaf ‘N Jug had nine locations in Colorado in need of fuel island foundation restorations to improve curb appeal. In addition, the rusted metal bands surrounding the existing fuel islands were a concern due to potential injuries and liability issues. They did not want just a “Band-Aid” that…

fuel island restoration

Are your fuel islands driving away customers?

If your fuel islands have crumbling and cracked concrete or rusted metal bands sticking out like a sore thumb, your fuel islands might actually be driving customers to another station. Concrete fuel island foundations really take a beating over time. Leaking gas and oil, rain, snow, salt, and temperature changes can all take a toll…

The Most Effective Way to Restore Fuel Islands

Question: My fuel islands are rusted and chipped. Can they be restored without shutting down my station for days on end? Answer: Restoring fuel islands is a newer process in the industry. Most convenience stores and gas stations are used to removing the pumps, tearing out the entire island and starting from scratch. Now with…