cracked concrete becomes safety hazard for employees and customers

At What Point are Damaged Concrete Surfaces a Safety Issue?

The daffodils might not be the only things coming up from the ground as signs of spring begin to appear. In colder-weather climates, new cracks and other concrete surface damage are also showing their faces.
But at what point is this damage more than an aesthetics issue? When is it cause for concern for employee or customer safety? And how should it be addressed?

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The Case for Not Replacing that Damaged Concrete

Spring is the time of year we begin to realize the beating our concrete surfaces took during the cold weather months. Pitting, spalling, unevenness and cracks are common consequences of the harsh temperatures on concrete. Freeze-thaw cycles, snow and ice, and snow-melt chemicals also play a part. These concrete defects are more than just eyesores.…

Benefits of Using Epoxies in Concrete Repairs

Question: When should epoxies be used on repair or resurfacing jobs? Answer: It makes sense in the fact that it’s a quicker process with less downtime. With concrete, when you repair something, you need to tear out sections of it. Where Simon Surfaces comes into play, we can do anything from a foot wide to 1,000…

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Restoring Concrete Fuel Islands with Epoxies

Question: How is epoxy used in fuel island restorations? Answer: Our product is basically made out of 100 percent solid epoxy. For a gas island, it’s a three-step build-up process. First, we would take off and remove the metal, and then we would form the island up. We would then mix our epoxy with a special…

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Why Metal Should be Removed from Fuel Pump Islands

Question: Why doesn’t Simon Surfaces use metal bands in its fuel island restorations? Answer: There are some notable disadvantages to using metal bands. Obviously over time, they’re going to deteriorate due to rust. Once they starts rusting, there’s nothing you can do about it. If a car would strike it, it’s going to make a sharp…

Examining Concretes Most Common Issues

Examining Concretes Most Common Issues

Question: What are the most common concrete issues you see? Answer: The most common issue we see is cracking. Concrete is designed to crack. You try to make it crack where you would like it to, but it doesn’t always work that way. That’s our biggest customer issue because it usually develops into a trip hazard,…