Moisture and humidity can cause water to seep through above-grade exterior walls. This can result in the walls becoming weakened and deteriorated, as well as stained and faded.

Simon Surfaces’ Waterproof Wall Coating delivers superior waterproofing performance, and it can be applied to previously painted vertical surfaces that include:

  • Block
  • Stucco
  • Split face block
  • Metal
  • Tilt up concrete
  • EIFS and Dryvit

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The Process

The first step is an extensive wall inspection to identify any moisture issues caused by cracks or deterioration, as well as problems with the gutters and downspouts. Necessary repairs are then made to any holes, cracks or joints to prepare the surface. Finally, Wite Brite™ Colors Waterproof Wall Coating is applied to waterproof and resurface the exterior walls.

After Wite Brite Wallcolors

All In One Solution for Exterior Walls

Waterproof Wall Coating eliminates the need to hire both a painter and a waterproofer. It can save you from having to replace damaged walls and it comes with a warranty. Plus, the painted walls are easy to maintain and can even be pressure-washed.

A highly rated fade-resistant option is also available.

Simon Surfaces’ Waterproof Wall Coating is not intended to be a viable solution for structurally-compromised walls. A structural engineer is recommended to inspect for structural integrity.