Simon UM

Simon UM is a heavy-duty indoor/outdoor solution for resurfacing concrete in multiple environments where a non-porous, anti-slip surface is needed. The system includes a base coat of self-leveling urethane mortar with a quartz broadcast and a final coat of polyaspartic.

  • Chemical/acid resistant
  • UV stability to reduce fading
  • Excellent adhesion and durability
  • Accelerated drying time for quick return-to-service
  • Low VOC levels
  • Slip resistance with easy cleaning/maintenance

Ideal uses include:

  • grocery stores
  • convenience stores
  • restaurants
  • manufacturing plants
  • distribution centers
  • chemical plants
  • beverage production facilities
  • breweries, wineries, etc.

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If you have areas of damaged concrete, contact Simon Surfaces to discuss why these areas require special attention and to determine whether Simon UM is the smart solution.

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