Above-grade exterior walls are susceptible to UV rays, moisture and humidity – all of which can cause deterioration. Simon Surfaces’ Waterproof Wall Coating delivers superior waterproofing performance on above-grade exterior walls. The advanced technology of Wite Brite™ Colors+ offers additional fade resistance and improved aesthetics.

  • Block
  • Stucco
  • Metal
  • Split face block
  • Tilt up concrete
  • EIFS & Dryvit

Fade-Resistance on Exterior Walls

Fade is measured by the product, environment, and selected color. Generally, the more neutral the color, the less noticeable the fade. That means whites, tans and grays will fade less than greens, blues and reds.

Delta E (ASTM 02244) is a scale used to measure fade resistance. The scale ranges from 0 to 100, where 100 indicates complete color distortion. See chart for standard perception ranges, explained by Zachary Schuessler.

Wite Brite™ Colors+ Waterproof Wall Paint is tested for fade resistance based on Delta E. Our in-house laboratory tests each selected color to provide a specific Delta E rating. All colors will inevitably fade over time, but Wite Brite™ Colors+ offers additional protection from fading. With extensive testing, Simon Surfaces’ technology can actually predict the fade and help prevent it as much as possible.

Waterproofing Exterior Walls Process

Simon Surfaces’ Waterproof Wall Coating can be applied to a variety of above-grade exterior walls, including those that have been previously painted.

First, an extensive wall inspection is completed to identify any cracks, deterioration and moisture issues. From there, the customer selects a color and our lab tests it for Delta E. Based on those findings and recommendations, a final color is selected and created in our in-house manufacturing facility. The initial step in the application process is having trained technicians repair holes, cracks and joints to prepare the surface. Afterwards, Wite Brite™ Colors+ Waterproof Wall Coating is applied.

All In One Solution for Waterproofing Walls

Fade Resistant Wall Coatings eliminates the need to hire both a painter and a waterproofer. It can save you from replacing damaged walls and it comes with a warranty. Plus, the painted walls are easy to maintain and can even be pressure-washed. The added fade resistance and Delta E testing will predict fade and select the best color for the intended application.


Simon Surfaces’ Waterproof Wall Coating is not intended to be a viable solution for structurally-compromised walls. A structural engineer is recommended to inspect for structural integrity.