Decorative Commercial Floor Resurfacing

Simon Surfaces’ unique line of decorative commercial flooring systems includes Flake, Flex and Stone – all of which can transform your plain, aged concrete into attractive, durable flooring.

Available in many colors, our flooring systems provide the attractive finish you want with the durability and safety features you need, and endless design options that include logos, borders, and custom layouts.

  • Office spaces

  • Indoor pools

  • Showrooms

  • Lobbies

  • Entryways

  • Fitness areas

  • Restrooms

  • Sidewalks

  • Dining areas

Decorative flooring options


An attractive finish for indoor settings consisting of a seamless floor coating system that combines high-quality resins with colorful vinyl flakes to produce a durable, low-maintenance and slip-resistant surface.


This seamless, multi-coat application combines high-quality resins with natural silica or pigmented quartz sand, providing an attractive finish, durability and safety for any indoor setting.


A soft, flexible indoor or outdoor floor resurface that can cover a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, tile and asphalt. It’s a custom blend of high-grade virgin rubber granules and a durable resin binder that not only looks great, but is also mold and mildew resistant.

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