Coatings and Mortar Systems

Simon Surfaces offers a line of coatings and mortar systems that provide the level of performance and durability required for the most demanding service conditions. Plus, each system meets ASTM slip-resistance standards, requires little maintenance and provides exceptionally long-lasting protection.

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Industrial applications

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Chemical plants

  • Warehouses

  • Food + beverage production/distribution

  • Pharmaceutical facilities

  • Storage areas

Simon Surfaces Coatings & Mortar Systems


Simon HD

A quarter-inch thick heavy-duty solution for resurfacing pitted concrete or consistent, widespread damage in any setting, including:

  • truck bays
  • sidewalks
  • entryways
  • parking lots
  • forklift-traffic zones
  • other large areas experiencing heavy traffic

Simon HD provides superior protection against abrasion and impact, while maintaining exceptional appearance.

Advantages of Simon HD
  • Withstands heavy traffic
  • Up to 3x more load carrying capacity than concrete
  • Offers superior aesthetics and light reflecting properties
  • Meets ASTM slip-resistance standards (ASTM D-2047, C-1048)
  • Provides quality adhesion to existing concrete surfaces
  • Available in a variety of colors

Simon CS HP

High-performance coating system that delivers abrasion and impact protection for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, all without tearing out and replacing the existing concrete. It hides concrete repairs by blending them across the entire surface and extends the life of existing concrete.

Advantages of Simon CS HP
  • High-performance and durable in demanding conditions
  • Customized systems to meet specific needs
  • Easy-cleaning and low-maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Meets ASTM slip-resistance standards (ASTM D-2047, C-1048)
  • Provides quality adhesion to existing concrete floors
  • Available in a variety of color

Simon CS

Basic coating system with one coat of epoxy for indoor surfaces, especially areas like warehouses and storage locations.

Advantages of Simon CS
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy-cleaning and low-maintenance
  • Slip resistant
  • Available in a variety of colors

Before replacing your damaged or worn concrete, contact Simon Surfaces to discuss resurfacing options with one of our high-strength, concrete-alternative epoxies.