Constant traffic and impact over time can severely damage concrete thresholds at self-storage facilities, truck bays, and garages. Simon Surfaces can replace the crumbled, cracked threshold with a high-strength, epoxy-modified material, resulting in a much more durable surface. In addition, our system upgrades the surfaces’ structural integrity and extends its useful life.

How do we do it?

Using a standard storage facility threshold as an example, our concrete repair process would include the following fundamental steps:

  • Remove damaged concrete in the repair areas
  • Drill and place rebar reinforcement rods, if needed
  • Place forms as needed around the perimeter of repair areas
  • Apply epoxy primer to existing, still-viable concrete to provide adhesion
  • Mix and place high-performance epoxy mortar
  • Hand trowel to finish

*Additional steps may be necessary for more complex projects.

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6 Threshold Before6 Threshold After

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