A complete concrete tear-out and replacement is not always necessary or workable, particularly in a heavy traffic area such as commercial or retail entryway steps and ramps.

Oftentimes, an aged and weathered-looking entryway can be repaired and resurfaced in a much less-invasive way by using a concrete-alternative epoxy overlay. Phased repairs can allow foot traffic to be maintained into the building throughout the project with downtime and disruption minimized. The entryway’s structural integrity can also be upgraded.

3 Ramps After

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Epoxy vs. Concrete

  • 2-3 times stronger than standard concrete
  • Can be custom-colored for branding or safety requirements
  • Resistant to chemicals like gas, oil, and salt
  • Applied directly over existing concrete – no need for disruptive tear-outs
  • Quick return-to-service
  • Repair or restoration solutions available, depending on aesthetic needs

Deteriorating concrete is not only unattractive, it can be a safety hazard on your property. The Americans with Disabilities Act, for instance, considers just a quarter-inch vertical change in the surface a trip hazard. Each year, according to OSHA (2011), “falls from the same level” account for almost $8 billion dollars in claims against employers, and more than 1 million Americans suffer a slip, trip or fall injury every year.

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Before replacing your damaged or worn concrete, contact Simon Surfaces to discuss resurfacing options with one of our high-strength, concrete-alternative epoxies.