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The Smart Alternative to Concrete Replacement

Before deciding to replace the damaged, worn concrete inside or outside your facility, you should know concrete restoration is a smart alternative solution available to you in today’s commercial marketplace. Epoxy mortar systems are 2-3 times stronger than conventional concrete, they’re able to seal the surface to prevent water and other substances from penetrating it,…

Like New. Only Better.

The long-accepted solution for repairing damaged gas island foundations involved removing the pumps and the crumbling concrete, re-pouring fresh concrete, reinforcing it with a metal band around the edges and then painting it.  Or there was the band-aid approach of just painting it. In either case, there were flaws.  The standard replacement included a shiny…

CS HP After

The Beauty + Brains Alternative for Concrete Repair

Think about the first thing a customer sees when they step out of their car and approach your building. Do they see cracks in the walkways? Chips of concrete missing from curbs? Unsightly stains on the surface? Tripping hazards? In short, are your businesses’ efforts to attract customers inside neglecting the negative impression you’re making…