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Concrete showing winter wear-n-tear? Don’t despair.

If you’re in an area of the country where deicers are a necessity throughout the winter months, there’s a good chance your concrete surfaces suffered some damage. Deicers, known as calcium chloride or rock salt, react with moisture, change the temperature and melt the ice. Concrete is kind of like a rigid sponge, however, so…

February is a great time for a new coat – on your concrete

No one wants to go through the disruption or cost of tearing out and replacing damaged concrete. In many environments, there’s no longer any reason to do so. Heavy-duty indoor/outdoor solutions for resurfacing concrete are becoming more widespread. They’re especially popular in environments where a non-porous, anti-slip surface is needed. Common uses concrete resurfacing grocery…

Are your fuel islands driving customers your way? Or away?

According to GasBuddy, frequent c-store customers say several factors have a strong or moderate influence on their opinion of a store before going inside. “Cleanliness of the fuel area” was mentioned by 79.7% of respondents. Rusted and chipped fuel islands can now be restored to better-than-new condition with an epoxy-based mortar system. This is a…

winters effects on concrete

Winter Forecast for Your Concrete: Freeze. Thaw. Repeat.

In a year full of uncertainties, one thing is for certain – winter is coming. The bad news is that often means extreme temperature fluctuations and increased precipitation. Those weather elements are tough enough on us, but they can be even tougher on concrete. Freeze. Thaw. Repeat. Dramatic temperature fluctuations cause freezing, thawing and refreezing…

When it comes to concrete sidewalk repairs, preparation is key. Just ask Benjamin Franklin.

Never underestimate the importance of prep work involved in concrete repairs or resurfacing. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

There’s a process and a real science to doing it right and achieving the desired result. Evaluating concrete and concrete alternative products is the right place to start when experiencing splits, cracks and other forms of concrete damage in your sidewalk.

During epoxy-based project restoration

Before, DURING and After Epoxy-based Concrete Restorations

What’s lost in a lot of “before and after” photos of concrete restoration jobs is what happens in the middle. Some of the most compelling benefits happen in the “during” phase of an epoxy-based restoration. When your concrete is not looking or performing its best, contact the experts at Simon Surfaces for an opinion on whether it can be repaired or restored with an epoxy-based system. We’ll talk through all your options to allow you to make the wisest decision for your business.