About Simon Surfaces

From concrete repairs to gas island restorations, to industrial and decorative floor coatings, Simon Surfaces is your trusted resource for all of your concrete problems. In our years of experience, we’ve found that most surface damage on concrete – even when severe –can be repaired or restored instead of being torn out and completely replaced.  We go to great lengths to understand your specific situation and business needs so we can effectively assess which one of our solutions will work best for you.

Our Services

To maintain quality control, we manufacture our own epoxy, and we employ our own well-trained experts to install everything we sell.

Simon Surfaces is a National Association of Convenience Stores Member

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Before you make any decisions about your concrete, floor coatings or gas island issues – and before you jump to suffering the downtime and disruption of a concrete replacement — contact Simon Surfaces to learn how we can help repair or restore your concrete.